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Regenia Bailey consulting at a whiteboard

"Vision, focus and flexibility are just three of the several strengths Regenia Bailey brought to the table while working with the Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre in a recent strategic planning process.  Her familiarity and experience with nonprofits was invaluable as she helped us address realities, target goals and develop an impact-filled plan that meets our needs with patrons, stakeholders and the community.  CR Opera clearly benefited from Ms. Bailey’s practical, thorough and reasonable consultation that felt like a true partnership from the beginning."
Virginia Michalicek, Development Director, Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre
  • We work with you to help your organization increase its capacity to work toward its mission. Our goal is to support the development of strong, innovative, and sustainable organizations that provide services and leadership in their communities. We do this by working with you and the other leaders of your organization to develop goals for our work together. Together, we will design methods and processes that will help you achieve these goals.

    We take a customized approach with each client. We start with an initial meeting—in person or via the phone—to determine what your objectives are for working with a consultant. Typically, we ask a lot of questions during this conversation to ensure that we understand your objectives for our work together.

    After the initial meeting, we prepare a proposal for you that outlines the outcomes, the methods, fees, and timeline for our work together. Everything in this proposal is negotiable. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable about how we are approaching our work together. We view this as a partnership, knowing that clear objectives upfront will help us as we work together to develop your organization’s capacities.

    Once we have agreed upon the outcomes, methods, fees, and timeline, we will provide you with a draft agreement that includes these and other details of our consulting arrangement. Once again, the agreement is negotiable and we will work with you to ensure that it is clear and meets your objectives for our work together.

    Through our experiences in working with organizations in varying life stages, we are able to anticipate developmental challenges that your organization may be facing. This understanding enables us to work with your leadership to develop consulting methods and processes that address your organization’s needs and challenges.

  • Organizations work with consultants for a variety of reasons and on a range of projects. Typically, organizations say the following when seeking a consultant:

    “We don’t have the expertise for a project in-house.”

    “We don’t have the time to do a project, given everything else our organization is doing.”

    “We need someone who can work on a project confidentially.”

    “We need an outside perspective to address this situation.”

    “We need everyone’s participation without expecting a staff or volunteer to also lead or facilitate this process.”

    “We need to know best practices and what other organizations are doing.”

  • We realize that organizational fit is important for the consulting relationship. We want to make sure that we can work well with you and your team. This is a critical component of our relationship with your organization. You should feel free to ask questions about methods, style, and approach to make sure that you will be comfortable working with us.