Bailey Leadership Initiative Logo and Tagline


Regenia Bailey consulting at a whiteboard

We work with you to help your organization increase its capacity and abilities to fulfill its mission. Whether we are facilitating your strategic planning or goal-setting process, helping you with board development or team-building, or working with you in other areas of organizational development, our goal is to enable your organization to be a leader and provide high-quality services for your community.

We take a customized approach with each client to develop a process and objectives that will provide results. From our experiences in working with organizations in varying life stages, we are able to anticipate developmental challenges that your organization may be facing. This enables us to work with your leadership to develop methods and processes that address your organization’s needs and challenges.

We know that organizational fit is important for the consulting relationship. We want to make sure that we can work well with you and your team. We welcome your questions about our methods, style, and approach.

Contact us to see how we can work together to strengthen the capacity of your organization!