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Regenia Bailey coaching

Coaching works to support you or your organization in identifying and reaching your goals.

Coaching can be helpful to support implementation of organizational plans or during leadership transitions within your organization.

Leadership coaching can be particularly helpful when you don’t have peers or colleagues with whom you can discuss your situation and goals. Leadership positions, by their nature, have high expectations and high visibility. We grow into these and sometimes it’s useful to have a coach who can support and help accelerate this growth. Coaching can help provide fresh perspectives, sharpen your insights, and provide someone to serve as a sounding board.  Coaching can also provide accountability for you as you work toward your goals.

We use the coaching model that is predicated on the belief that you have the resources and creativity to address the issues and challenges you are facing. We help you identify those resources, support you in seeing current and potential barriers, and help maintain your accountability.

Coaching sessions may occur in person or virtually. Reminders and opportunities to check-in occur via e-mail. Coaching may be long-term or short-term. The length of the coaching relationship depends upon the project or goals that you are working on. You set the agenda and timeline for coaching.

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