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Welcome to the Leadership Blog


Welcome to the Leadership Blog


Welcome to the Leadership Blog.

If you Google ‘leadership,’ you will get millions of hits. Clearly, a lot of us are talking, thinking, and writing about leadership. It’s a fascinating topic because leadership—good, bad, indifferent—affects our daily lives. Every day in my work I see individuals or boards making decisions that impact the people in their communities or organizations for years to come.

This blog is about helping all of us tap into our commitment and passion and lead—in large and small ways—to make our lives and communities better. I’ve been leading, as well as talking and thinking about leading and leadership most of my life. I’m excited about having these conversations with a broader group and look forward to your thoughts and comments.

About the Author
Regenia is an organizational strategist, consultant, and coach. For the past fifteen years, she has worked with organizations from all sectors on strategic positioning and organizational growth and development.

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