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Use Customer Discovery to Navigate Reopening

As state restrictions are lifted, many businesses and organizations are wondering, “if we open the doors, will our patrons return?” Whether we voice them or not, we all have opinions about the best way to reopen our communities, businesses, and organizations. Now is time to test... Read More →
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Should You Start a Nonprofit?

As part of my work, I often talk with people about their ideas for a new business or service. Like so many potential entrepreneurs, the people I talk with are eager to do work that they believe in and feel good about. Many of the business ideas have a community benefit or social... Read More →
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Is Your Organization Ready for the New Financial Reporting Standards?

For some, thinking about changes in financial reporting standards for nonprofit organizations can make sleepy summer days even sleepier; for the first time in twenty-four years, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has released a major update to nonprofit accounting... Read More →
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The Importance of Nonprofit Advocacy

We depend upon nonprofit organizations to be part of the community building equation. From addressing challenging issues like hunger and affordable housing to providing activities such as arts festivals and youth sports, we turn to the nonprofit sector to contribute to our... Read More →