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The Importance of Your Board’s Culture

We’ve all heard Drucker’s quote dozens of times—“culture eats strategy for lunch.” This doesn’t mean that culture is more important than strategy, but is a cautionary note that for an organization to be effective, its leaders must be as attentive to developing a positive... Read More →
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Before You Say Yes

Serving as a board member takes your relationship with an organization to the next level. Whether you have worked with dozens of nonprofits or are contemplating service on your first board, vetting an organization before joining its board can make a difference in how well that... Read More →

Be an Ambassador for Your Organization

A version of this article first appeared in the Corridor Business Journal. Enhancing the public standing and promoting understanding of the organization are fundamental board member responsibilities, but beyond inviting friends and colleagues to the organization’s activities, it... Read More →
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Making Your Organization’s Event More Than Special-Making It a Success

This first appeared in the Corridor Business Journal. It seems that spring brings us an even greater number of nonprofit events—plant sales, 5Ks, galas, golf tournaments, and teas—with many including silent or live auctions as part of the event activities. Board members play a... Read More →
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Supporting the Chief Executive

This post first appeared in the Corridor Business Journal. One of the responsibilities of the nonprofit board is to support the organization’s chief executive. The board’s chair may end up doing much of this work, but it creates a stronger organization when there is a board... Read More →
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Governance, management and the area in between

The post first appeared in the Corridor Business Journal. As appealing as it is to think that there are hard and fast rules, the line between nonprofit governance and management is not fixed. Beyond the board of directors’ legal requirements and responsibilities, the roles of the... Read More →
Thinking about the year ahead

New resolutions for your nonprofit board

This post first appeared in the Corridor Business Journal. I’m not going to suggest that your board should resolve to eat healthier, exercise more or cut back on its drinking this year, although all are laudable goals. I am going to suggest, however, that your organization tap... Read More →
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The unnatural focus on overhead costs in nonprofits

This post first appeared in the Corridor Business Journal. We’d never expect our public works departments to routinely repair our streets using shovels and wheelbarrows or our businesses to use manual credit card machines and typewriters to process customer payments. Yet, in many... Read More →
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Now a good time to plan, perform housekeeping

This post first appeared in the Corridor Business Journal. The themes of planning and change are frequent topics at this time of year. Whether it’s the start of your organization’s fiscal year or not, these early days of January are a great time for reviewing the past year,... Read More →
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Philanthropy makes good business sense

This post first appeared in the Corridor Business Journal. Running and managing a nonprofit is a challenging proposition because it’s a business model reliant, to a greater or lesser degree, upon human generosity. And there’s no time of year when this is more apparent than it is... Read More →