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About Jeff Davidson

Because of his rich experience in the public sector, the Bailey Leadership Initiative works regularly with Jeff Davidson, particularly on projects involving public sector clients.

Jeff has thirty-five years of experience working with public sector organizations. He is the former Economic Development Administrator and Planning and Community Development Director for the City of Iowa City. Prior to these positions, Davidson served as Executive Director of the Johnson County Council of Governments (JCCOG, now MPOJC) for seventeen years after working for five years as a Transportation Planner with the organization.

During his time at the City of Iowa City, Jeff also served as the Project Manager for the Joint Emergency Communications Center. He worked with a committee of elected officials and public safety personnel to explore the feasibility and lead the design and development of shared emergency communications services. He then helped guide the building and staffing of the Center.

Davidson currently works as a contractor with the Keep Iowa Beautiful program, Hometown Pride. He serves as a Hometown Pride Community Coach in Jasper County and assists in community development efforts in nine municipalities in that county.

Jeff has taught planning courses as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Iowa Department of Urban and Regional Planning. He has an MA in Geography and a Transportation Planning certification from the University of Iowa.