Bailey Leadership Initiative Logo and Tagline

About Us

Regenia Bailey consultingWe believe that when our community organizations—our nonprofits, our businesses, and our government entities—are all working effectively, our communities thrive.
We recognize that every organization is made up of individuals who bring their passion and skills to the table to help an organization succeed. But too often, these individuals don’t form cohesive teams with a shared understanding and a commitment to shared goals.

By carefully and objectively listening to everyone at the table, we can help groups of diverse individuals build the consensus that is essential for organizational growth and success. We use what’s being said—and what’s not being said—to help your organization thrive. Once everyone is headed in the same direction, success is straight ahead.

Our Mission
The mission of the Bailey Leadership Initiative is to enhance the leadership abilities of individuals and organizations. Our programs and methods include individual coaching, consulting, teaching, and writing.

Our Vision
The Bailey Leadership Initiative helps develop strong, innovative, and sustainable organizations that use their financial and human resources well to support their communities, create positive change, and provide necessary services.